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Thanks for visiting our Stereotek Webpage. We are specialized in in audio / video "HIGH END" , home theater and home automation (Control systems, environmental conditioning, curtains, shutters and lighting).

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STEREOTEK offers the following products and professional home theater services to improve your life quality at home:

Professional designs and custom installations of Film Theatres

"High End” Audio and Video from the very best Projectors, Speakers and Sound Components

Automation and control systems

Complete Audio Distribution systems

Complete motorized shading systems, shutters and Centralized Lighting Systems

Wired & Wireless Networking

Custom Technical service


One of the Stereotek specialties is to recreate and bring home the magical experience of cinema. Making efforts for not to miss a thing when it comes to professional sound and video equipment and analysis.

We got a huge experience working with the best audio and video systems, such as the renowned Bowers & Wilkins 800 series line, and the amazing German speaker brand Canton. Either Marantz or McIntosh will deliver the highest audio fidelity that the industry offers, making a difference when it comes to right investment decisions at home.

We can turn any place at you home to your dreamed home theater, the one that can change everything just by the touch of a button…and then the show begins."


Passion for music.

We love music just as you do, that’s why we represent legendary and exclusive brands that make a difference when it comes to price and quality at the High End market.

Our reputation at equipment installation allows a personalized service to each one of our customers to achieve Audio Nirvana.

Each Stereo system requires a special service. Each component specific operational parameters so it could fit properly in the system to achieve its maximum performance.

Try audio as you´ve never done before, by visiting our showroom or visiting your place of preference.

Discover how exiting playing at two channels could be."


One of the biggest home electronic goodies is having a system which distributes audio all around the place. It's even better when sound is not seen but heard.

You can play music from your mobile or tablet device, from a music server with your CD's collection, online streaming music, satellite, cable or conventional radio; and the song information will be displayed on any touchscreen throughout the house.

The ideal time for considering to add a background music system is while redecorating or renovating your place or while your project is under construction.

Our huge experience in professional and residential sound systems with our renown brands allow us to recreate magic at your place, no matter where.


Our exclusive brand, Creston simplifies all the technology at home or office offering a pleasant lifestyle characterized by convenience and comfort.

Creston systems solutions discard the fact of going room by room to adjust lights, shades, shutters or air conditioning. You won't need a remote control for each device, just by the touch of a button all your electronics will be synced at your command. You could have access to your music, favorite movies, security cameras all from a wall screen, touchscreen remote, or mobile device.

We consolidate the operation of all electronic components of your home by removing any complications - making your system totally easy to operate and enjoy.

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